45. FAMA | Świnoujście, 17-29 VIII 2015
Międzynarodowy Kampus Artystyczny | The International Artistic Campus

© Fama - Międzynarodowy Kampus Artystyczny, The International Artistic Campus, fot. Joanna Kurdziel-Morytko


Fama the International Artistic Campus is a festival for all kinds of art. This year is the 45th jubilee edition of the event which hosts in Świnoujście the most talented young artists from within and outside of Poland.

Fama is the only Polish interdisciplinary artistic event of an educational profile. Its program includes: presentations of authors’ artistic work, the production of premieres, workshop sections, and performances by renowned artists. The festival combines classical music, jazz, music bands of all music genres, singers, dancers, theatres, comedy groups, interdisciplinary creative groups, film, photography, happeners and performers, visual artists, writers and poets, journalists, art critics, culture managers, and stage managers. The current schedule of this years’ projects and workshops is available under the SECTIONS tab.

To participate in the festival, send your application with the attachments required. The deadline for receiving the applications is the 31st of May. Details can be found under the APPLY tab.

This year an important element of Fama will also be PRESENTATIONS IN THE CITY SPACE performed on alternative stages such as: streets, neighbourhoods, backyards, markets, pitches, plazas, squares, parks, shops, cafés, and also – private apartments. The festival will traditionally end with the CONCERT OF THE AWARDED. This year’s slogan is “Żadnych znanych numerów!” (“Nothing we’ve heard before!”). The concert will show Fama as an alternative to one-season hits, and an important place for young artists’ first appearance.

The 45th Fama will take place in Świnoujście 15th-31st of August.

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