45. FAMA | Świnoujście, 17-29 VIII 2015 Międzynarodowy Kampus Artystyczny | The International Artistic Campus |

45. FAMA | Świnoujście, 17-29 VIII 2015
Międzynarodowy Kampus Artystyczny | The International Artistic Campus



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© Fama – Międzynarodowy Kampus Artystyczny, The International Artistic Campus, photo: Joanna Kurdziel-Morytko


At midnight we have closed the direct submissions for the 45th Fama. We thank everyone for the e-mails. We can already say that – thanks to you – this is going to be an exceptional Fama.

A bit of statistics. We have received submissions from a total of nearly 280 entities of various fields, which amounts to about 570 people. The most projects – as many as 66 – have been entered into the visual arts section: the “Promised land” exhibition. The highest number of people, however, have submitted for the music section: over 280 vocalists, solo musicians, and band members of all genres – ranging from deeply classical music to noise and heavy metal.

Naturally, among the candidates there are also theatres, comedy groups, dancers, filmmakers, photographers, production designers, writers, poets, journalists, art critics, animators of culture, and stage managers. Apart from Polish submissions, we have also received e-mails from Germany, Ukraine, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, and Taiwan.

We are thus starting to listen, watch, and read all the entries… We have one month for this. Not enough time? Not much time at all, considering your artistic hyperactivity. That is why we kindly ask all those concerned to be patient. Those chosen to visit Fama will be contacted individually – either by e-mail or phone. We will do our best to close the list of participants and publish it by June 30th.


© Fama – Międzynarodowy Kampus Artystyczny, The International Artistic Campus, photo: Joanna Kurdziel-Morytko

© Fama - Międzynarodowy Kampus Artystyczny, The International Artistic Campus, photo: Katarzyna Fleszar


The participants of the photographic section have been creating unique projects under Tomek Sikora for several years now. This year they will be divided into two groups: creative photography and reportage photography.

The goal of this cycle is to perfect such skills as teamwork, topic-oriented work, to develop the imagination and creative potential. APPLY, and you will have a chance to participate in interesting workshops, as well as to compete for the Jan Sawka Award in the Visual Arts category. We are awaiting your applications until the 31st of May.

The creative photography group will, as is tradition, be ran by TOMEK SIKORA, outstanding photographer and lecturer at the European Academy of Photography. KATARZYNA RAINKA will be the one to unveil the secrets of reportage photography – she specialises in concerts; she has photographed  Depeche Mode and The Rolling Stones, as well as many world-class jazz artists.

Fama will feature an exhibition on the jubilee of the festival, “THE ARTISTIC VIRUS OF FAMA”. We will show what makes Fama stand out from among other events, and what makes it so addictive.

© Fama – Międzynarodowy Kampus Artystyczny, The International Artistic Campus, photo: Katarzyna Fleszar

© Marcin Masecki


Marcin Masecki – one of the most creative figures of the Polish music scene – will be the artistic director of this year’s workshop project which will result in a concerto for brass band and… four cannons.

One of the pieces to be found in the repertoire is the reconstruction of the original version of Ludwig van Beethoven’s “WELLINGTON’S VICTORY” (1813), originally composed for the panharmonicon, the first mechanical instrument in the history of music. Only later did orchestra versions come to be, currently known as “The Battle Symphony” or “The Battle of Victoria.” The  panharmonicon version is not and cannot be performed (the last copy of this instrument burned down during the Second World War), but there remains a musical score including the division into voices, which can be recreated by a brass band.

We are waiting for submissions from students and graduates of music schools until the 31st of May. Details can be found under the APPLY tab. The participants will constitute an orchestra including: 1 piccolo, 4 flutes, 5 oboes, 5 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 1 contrabassoon, 2 French horns, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, 1 tuba, extended percussion (including timpani). The participants will be provided accommodation and dinners during their stay in Świnoujście. Participation in the workshops is free of charge.

Marcin Masecki – pianist, composer, graduated from the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston – member of the international band Paristetris. Apart from jazz and many cross-genre projects, he also does classical chamber music which he presents in an unorthodox manner and, usually, in unorthodox locations. One of his latest albums (“Die Kunst Der Fuge”), though played on a classic grand piano, had been recorded on an old cassette recorder.

Marcin Masecki, Polonezy – “Tizer”

Marcin Masecki, Profesjonalizm – “Drugi”

Photo © Marcin Masecki

© Fama - Międzynarodowy Kampus Artystyczny, The International Artistic Campus, fot. Joanna Kurdziel-Morytko


Fama the International Artistic Campus is a festival for all kinds of art. This year is the 45th jubilee edition of the event which hosts in Świnoujście the most talented young artists from within and outside of Poland.

Fama is the only Polish interdisciplinary artistic event of an educational profile. Its program includes: presentations of authors’ artistic work, the production of premieres, workshop sections, and performances by renowned artists. The festival combines classical music, jazz, music bands of all music genres, singers, dancers, theatres, comedy groups, interdisciplinary creative groups, film, photography, happeners and performers, visual artists, writers and poets, journalists, art critics, culture managers, and stage managers. The current schedule of this years’ projects and workshops is available under the SECTIONS tab.

To participate in the festival, send your application with the attachments required. The deadline for receiving the applications is the 31st of May. Details can be found under the APPLY tab.

This year an important element of Fama will also be PRESENTATIONS IN THE CITY SPACE performed on alternative stages such as: streets, neighbourhoods, backyards, markets, pitches, plazas, squares, parks, shops, cafés, and also – private apartments. The festival will traditionally end with the CONCERT OF THE AWARDED. This year’s slogan is “Żadnych znanych numerów!” (“Nothing we’ve heard before!”). The concert will show Fama as an alternative to one-season hits, and an important place for young artists’ first appearance.

The 45th Fama will take place in Świnoujście 15th-31st of August.

© Fama – Międzynarodowy Kampus Artystyczny, The International Artistic Campus, design: Andrzej Pawełczyk


Utopia – a place which doesn’t exist, an impossible attempt, but also: the ideal happy society, as well as the ideology postulating the creation of such a society. You can submit your works for the visual arts section until the 31st of May. This year’s topic is: „THE PROMISED LAND – A JOURNEY TO THE BOUNDARIES OF UTOPIA.”

The project is addressed to students and graduates of art schools, as well as to young artists working outside the official education system. You can find the festival rules and the application form HERE. When sending your application, please attach a suggestion of the artwork to be presented at the exhibition (a project, a photo, a reproduction). The list of works qualified for the exhibition will be made public on the 30th of June 2015.

Program text:

Travelling to the boundaries of Utopia we leave behind space filled with abandoned signs, symbols, and slogans of ideas both past and persisting. The 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century have shown us, like no other period in history, the inevitable consequences of utopianism such as cultural monism and civilisational totalitarianism. The contemporary boundaries of the term Utopia are becoming increasingly ambiguous, and the cultural homogenisation makes the “promised land” the sphere of a happy consumer, and not the vision of the “engineers of the human soul.”

Thomas Morus, who coined the term “utopia,” connected the vision of a perfect social system with an island, and the project we are describing will also take place on an island. It is open to performance, interventions beyond the gallery space , installations, and objects which function in the city space, as well as to traditional forms: painting, drawing, sculpture, photography. Since the term “social order, utopia” was, and still is, used broadly in propaganda art (in constructivism, as well as in social realism, nationalism, national neoclassicism in architecture, and in pop art), functioning beyond the gallery space as signs, monuments, installations, slogans, advertisements – please do consider such forms of works as well.

ms44 | Andrzej Pawełczyk

© Fama – Międzynarodowy Kampus Artystyczny, The International Artistic Campus, photo: Andrzej Ryfczyński


Fama is not a festival of sad and depressing songs. Fama is dangerous. Long before every other event was termed “a festival” – there had been only Fama on the cultural map of Poland. For young stage Fama is like Andy Warhol for the art, Marlin Monroe for the cinema, Miles Davis for jazz, James Bond for all who wear uniforms.

We are getting ready for the next Fama – an interdisciplinary festival that brings together artists from all fields of artistic expression. We are waiting for the brilliant, ambitious, willing to participate in a professional artistic movement, for people who take their artistic careers seriously, who are interested in developing their skills, confronting and cooperating with other artists. During Fama we do not play theatre nor garage music. During Fama we set the standards high to one another.

Fama is a showcase of young artists, it is working on premiere projects, it is various workshops, and rewards for the best participants of the festival. Fama means two summer weeks, the sea and the beach, everyday rehearsals and over 100 art shows. Fama is students’ underground taking over Swinoujscie.

31.05.2015 is the deadline for all applications! Feel free to get to know our offer, Festival Regulations and to send us your entries!

© Fama – Międzynarodowy Kampus Artystyczny, The International Artistic Campus, photo: Andrzej Ryfczyński